Why I Don’t Have a “Before/After” Picture


In January of this year, I decided to make a change in my life, and that change was FOOD. After an extensive amount of research, consulting my physician,  and having my tarot cards read, I decided to go Paleo.  Okay, that’s not true. I have hypothyroidism, and a friend said when she cut out gluten (that heinous mystery evil in our food)  she felt much better. That led to internet searches, and Pinterest Recipe board stalking, and finally, the realization that I eat too much crap that just IS NOT FOOD. In the hunter-gatherer sense at least, which is the essence of Paleo. So I decided I would eliminate all grain, processed foods, and alcohol (EEK! Don’t worry, I’ve only reduced/altered this part).

In addition to changing my food, I started going to the gym regularly. As in FIVE DAYS A WEEK regularly. The Pirate has been going to the gym daily for the last six years, so I guess it’s about time it rubbed off on me, eh? I had given so many excuses as to why I couldn’t possibly go (who will take care of the boys? The Pirate? The laundry? And “Once Upon a Time” and “Vampire Diaries” ain’t gonna watch themselves!)….. But then I saw this picture, and I realized I’m an excuse maker. So I stopped making excuses for why I couldn’t wake up earlier, why I couldn’t make a healthy dinner, and why I couldn’t turn off Netflix and get my butt to the gym.

You know what happened? Well, I’d show you a Before/After breakthrough photo, but I haven’t taken any. Oh I take plenty of selfies now, because I have lost weight (of course straight from my boobs first, what is that all about?!), but I also got ABS again (I celebrated that realization by getting my sternum tattooed, like a BOSS).  But I don’t have a “before” to reference because there is no “after.” I don’t have a weight loss goal I track by pounds, inches, or body percentages. I don’t plan to “stop dieting” because I’m not dieting. I made decisions to have a healthier lifestyle, a more fit body, and to stop making excuses for not taking care of myself.

The reality is more has changed in me in the last few years than my body shape. I’ve become a new being, because I’ve been changed through Jesus. Sometimes I think we want to conform Christianity into a nice neat fad diet package… Check in on Sundays (sometimes), pray when people ask (or say we do), and act like a good person (when it’s convenient). It just doesn’t work that way when you turn your life over to Christ. It’s a permanent lifestyle change, and it’s not an easy one! Trying to love those around you in the way God loves you is exhausting! There’s always an excuse or reason not to focus on Him (kids, spouses, jobs, Netflix, eh?). The reality is that my food and exercise choices are shaping my body, but Jesus shapes my spirit, and I’m truly alive in Him. Just like with my body, there’s no “after” picture of me as a Christian. There’s plenty of “before” thoughts and actions, but I will never stop being molded by Him into this new creation, a child of God. And God willing, I’ll keep up with the Paleo thing, too.

Until the next time, I’m off to have a glass of red wine with my steak and mushrooms. 😉


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